Welcome to the Psoriasis Help Organisation.

This is a website dedicated to helping people suffering from the Chronic Skin Disease Psoriasis.

This site provides useful treatment info, as well as advice for dealing with the condition and more related topics. This site is managed and controlled by psoriasis sufferers for psoriasis sufferers. We bring medical professionals, as well as supporters, with an aim to provide a helpful and welcoming platform to inform you about psoriasis and discuss topics and issues around this area.

The key reason for this site is to provide a place where fellow psoriasis sufferers can exchange views and advice with how to live with and treat psoriasis. We believe that spreading the right knowledge and experience will allow others with their own journeys.

There are different types of psoriasis which can affect most areas of the body.

You can also find some information on many different types of treatment found for psoriasis treatments.

Psoriasis can be a very isolating and depressing disease and it helps when you can find out different ways in which to control and deal with it in the best way to suit you.


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