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Welcome to the Psoriasis Help Organisation, otherwise known as PHO. This is a web site dedicated to helping people suffering from the Chronic Skin Disease Psoriasis. This site contains information about Treatments, Handy Tips for living with the Psoriasis and other topics. This is a privately owned site (not a charity), run and administered by psoriasis sufferers, for psoriasis sufferers.

We are not medical professionals, just enthusiastic amateurs, with a goal to provide an informative and friendly environment to learn about Psoriasis and discuss topics with others in similar situations. The primary idea for this site is to provide a discussion forum. A place where fellow Psoriasis sufferers can exchange views and advice on how to live with and treat Psoriasis.

There are many types of psoriasis including Guttate, Plaque, Pustular, Psoriatic Arthritis and Flexural Psoriasis which can affect most areas of the body including the Scalp, Genitals and Nails, both fingernails and toenails. We have some Pictures of Psoriasis which show most of the different types of psoriasis and locations on the body which it can appear. See the menu link on the left.

We also have information on many different types of treatment, Including PUVA, UVA, UVB, Biological, Systemic, Steroid and Non-Steroid based psoriasis treatments. Many of these psoriasis treatments are discussed in greater detail in the Psoriasis Help Forum.

Click on "The Forum" Link to enter the forum

Please use the forum to ask questions about Psoriasis that you would like answered, express views that you have regarding Psoriasis and discuss treatments that you have used or are interested in using. We encourage you to talk about anything that you feel may be beneficial to others and to become part of the friendly community that we have created. Psoriasis can be an isolating, depressing disease and it often helps to discuss your feelings with others that really understand. You are not alone.

Yesterday at 02:21:19 PM by knowledgefreesu | Views: 64 | Comments: 0

Hello everyone! I'm new to the boards and have suffered with this disease for over 30 years. Being told by doctor's that it is incurable. I have tired all the steroids and treatments to address all the symptoms for a temporary solutions. I realized that it was losing battle. I had to learn the hard way by ending up in a hospital with a stroke in icu. I was on iv and after 3 days my skin cleared up. I then realized that it had to do with what I was putting in my body. When I had gotten out if the hospital my skin blew up again. I found my trigger foods that effected me
Eliminate Dairy, No Shellfish, No Gluten, low citrus fruits lemons are ok, No Nightshades Veggies(Potatoes, Peppers, Tomatoes, Tobacco, Eggplant, etc.),  No Caffeine, No Sweets, No Chocolate, No Alcohol, No caffeine, No Refined Sugar, No MSG, No Fried Foods, No Red Meat, and to drink lots of water, Drink American saffron tea most important, and Slippery Elm Bark the two most important, Camomile tea, Watermelon seed tea tea, Mullein tea that is in Dr. John Paganos book and Edgar Casey's readings with no drugs. I didn't realize how these teas were beneficial for me. I urge everyone to try this who hasn't found the path to this road. The key triggers which were gluten, nightshade veggies and dairy but you have to be cautious reading labels. Just because one item says gluten free you have to be especially cautious of starches like tapioca and potato starch which are in the nightshaded family. I now see and feel the difference in my skin immediately after eating my triggers like night and day. At first it was hard to stick to but after realizing what it was it became easier. After years of hiding my hands in sleeves snd watching people react to handing me change like I was a leper it really not that hard to achieve. The reborn confidence level is well with it. I urge people to prove me wrong. Please give it a try for yourself and find out after years of cracked bleeding feet walking on my knees to avoid the pain. The pain of the redness and blood on the sheets. Skin flakes and leaving dna all over at least you could be found if you go missing. No more vacuuming and brooming behind yourself. Wear black again?
Yesterday at 02:14:15 AM by iky
Views: 252 | Comments: 4

Hi guys, I'd like to share my daily experience with P and how I help my Psoriasis from scaling in my daily life. I have around 30% P from 60% 3 months prior.

It's simple, I take a bath for around 2 hours every day and soak my skin, after the 2 hour soak I can gently rub off the scaly skin with my hands, I use Nivea for Men body wash with a scrub and can gently scrub the excess off of my skin. I rinse off my body and straight after I dry my skin and moisturise of course. As for my head I put a bit of vaseline in my ear with tissue blocking water from entering it. I submerge myself underwater and constantly try to keep my P on my head wet.

I have been doing this for the past 2 months (around 1 and half hours to 2 hours soaking each time). After it I can get on with my day without any scaly white snow throughout the whole day. However my P stands out red but no scaling after moisturised.

I have definitely seen a difference of my P, the only time it will scale is after I've scrubbed it off in the bath.

It's honestly like I'm not giving my P a chance to breathe by drowning it. I have only been using Betacap scalp application on the rim of my forehead once a day which has helped (there would be a few days in between where I wouldn't use it).

My psoriasis is constantly smooth and flake free.
It's just a suggestion, but recently my dad flared up from P and has done the same as me to keep it maintained.
July 21, 2014, 06:19:50 PM by cheekymonkey | Views: 347 | Comments: 8

I visited my Derm last week and he recommended I try wrapping my psoriasis up in cling film, to stop to ointment rubbing off on my clothes. He told me just to do it for a couple of hours to give the ointment a chance to absorb into the skin.
I was under the impression that the cling film (occlusion) method was bad! Have any of you had bad experiences with this?
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