My doctor is too busy with people who have problems more serious than mine to keep bothering her about different treatments.

It might sometimes seem this way, but it is important that you feel able to see your GP whenever you need to discuss the treatments you are using and whether they are working or not. Your GP is there to provide care to all the patients on her books and she will not think that you are any less important than the other people she sees.

If, however, you feel that you are not getting the information you need about the treatments from your GP, you might like to ask whether there is anyone else who can help there may be a nurse available who has more time to discuss things with you. It may also be worth considering making contact with the Psoriatic Arthropathy Alliance or the Psoriasis Association. Both are organisations with access to information about treatments as well as being support groups of people with psoriasis who may be experiencing the same sort of thing as you.